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Made you look

Today we had the pleasure of attending The West of England Design Forum’s special screening of Made You Look.

Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene in the 21st century and includes contributions from a top British creatives, publishers and agency owners including Anthony Burrill, Pete Fowler, Kate Moross, Fred Deakin of Airside, Jon Burgerman and Hattie Stewart. The film’s makers explore the idea that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue methods of creating despite living in a highly digital world. Made You Look premiered at Soho House as part of the Pick Me Up festival in spring 2015 and is currently doing a tour of selected design events and festivals.

It was a fascinating watch and an informative Q&A session followed with the film’s co-directors Anthony Peters and Paul O’Connor from the Look and Yes collective, illustrators Ed Cheverton and Ben O’Brien (AKA Ben the Illustrator).

In summary, is print dead, has digital taken over the world – I don’t think so. It’s only just getting going. The two just need to work out how to be friends.