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Recycled Plastic

Following a recent trip to Bali, I couldn’t get over how much plastic rubbish there was in the sea, even though I was diving in a protected National Park.

The Lost & Found Team are always keen to support and promote environmental projects. Industrial designer Carter Zufelt has developed a process that turns old plastic bags into objects that he calls Müll, which are not only beautiful, they’re useful.

Instead of letting plastic bags sit in a landfill where they can take up to 1000 years to breakdown, Zufelt decided to experiment to see if he could make something out of the discarded material. The result is a colorful marble-like material that he’s turned into desktop organizers, cubes, a stool, and a table.

Hannah Turner Ceramics

Lost & Found Creative have been working for Hannah Turner from the start (over 7 years) and we must say it has been an absolute pleasure. We’ve witnessed the company grow and go from strength to strength and this is credit to Hannah and her vision. It is now not uncommon to walk into a tableware or art store in the South West and London and be faced with her beautiful range of products. Having just received a fresh batch of product images back from the photographer, we have just taken 10 mins to reflect over a cuppa on how far things have come from the days of her products being made in a small studio/back room in Bristol and being sold in 2 retail outlets locally. With a new website on the horizon, products being sold and shipped internationally and new products and ranges in development, she shows no sign of slowing up. Full steam ahead!