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Perry Bishop

Have you spotted Perry Bishop’s new billboard campaign in Swindon and surround areas? This is significant, not only does it represent a successful property agent venturing into new territories in 2021, it also represents a progression and evolution in their branding approach.

Towards the end of 2020 we started working with Perry Bishop’s marketing team to evolve the brand. We’ve introduced a lighter, more welcoming, approachable and inclusive look and feel. A new headline font, a tweak to colour palette and the introduction of concept-driven illustration.

We’ve been pleased with the results and feedback so far has been fantastic. A new board campaign is being rolled out and we look forward to seeing the brand evolve in print and online during 2021.

A real positive in this very tricky times.


Exedra Nursery

As you will know, L&F Creative have a love for nature so when we received a call from a nursery looking to relocate and rebrand, we jumped at the opportunity.

Exedra are an established nursery relocating to the beautiful cotswold village of Painswick. Our proposed brand vision retained a natural colour palette, combining a stone base colour and a cotswold green accent colour. We took a modern approach to classic typography, using cap letterforms to add flare and personality, also a sense of growth.

Due to the proposed new location, branding needed to compliment the brands surrounding the nursery site. We extensively researched the surrounding area, landscape and history and this will all feed in to future communications. We have commissioned illustration to support branded merchandise.


CHOOSiE lets you browse and buy from your local shops online, turning what would have been a tiring trip into town, to a safe and eco friendly virtual shopping trip. It’s a new, ethical shopping experience, embracing the growing “localist culture.”

We had the pleasure of branding this new venture, providing a strong digital-themed colour palette and providing a personable typographic system, focussing on the independent “i”.

We’ve now handed over the brand to their very capable in-house team, supplying all graphic assets and style guidelines. We wish them well and will watch their progress with a keen eye. A great, feel-good project.


Creative Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral is an extraordinary space. 

Many are inspired by the art and architecture of this special place and much of their community engagement programme centres on sharing arts based activities that promote wellbeing, build skills and inspire learning. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Gloucester Cathedral to create a branding framework, look and feel and initial workbook, along with a wider range of resources designed to provide accessible, guided, creative activities for a varied range of interests and abilities, downloaded for free, from the Cathedral’s website.

All content for this initial Guide to Drawing was created by talented Artists Adam Davis. Adam is passionate about the positive impact of art on physical and mental health and has previously collaborated with Gloucester Cathedral to curate and display Ever-Present, an exhibition of artwork by talented Gloucester based graduates, and accompanying workshops in 2019.

During 2021 we hope to develop this branding framework for further initiatives and projects. Watch this space.



Craft Ale Candles

Craft Ales Candles represents a new start-up brand targeting the growing craft ale market and a gap in the market for candles for men.

The West Country founders wanted to produce a range of scented soy wax candles that appeal to men, with fragrances that are fun and different, tapping in to the creative naming and styling of modern craft ale beer; youthful with bags of personality, some might say “scandleous!”

The resulting brand explores playful language and incorporates the candle within the logotype (‘A’ letterform). Typography is supported with themed illustrations and a bright, quirky colour palette.

Muddy Little Boots

So, it would appear that everyone seems to have a lockdown project at the moment and for our Creative Director, Andy Hussey, it is no different. For many months, if not years, he’s had the idea for a range of Children’s books and this winter the idea, and off the back of “One Walk Wildlife” his vision became a reality.

Due to be published in February 2021, ‘No Deer Around Here’ is a book about nature (in particular Deer) coming closer to our homes. Children engaging with nature, exploring and spotting signs. The book has kindly been endorsed by The British Deer Society with a supporting testimonial:

At a time when we all need to appreciate nature and the outdoors more than ever,  No Deer Around Here is not only a delightful story but will inspire children everywhere to look harder at the world around them.
Charles Smith-Jones
Technical Adviser, The British Deer Society

But the story doesn’t stop there. Andy already has another story in the making (a riverside adventure) and has been approached by various organisations for potential future books, this led to Muddy Little Boots Publishing. This will be the parent company and publishing house, founded by Andy. A beacon for this initiative and a network of organisations, authors and illustrators. The publishing house will fill a void in the market for nature exploration and inclusivity and all members of the organisation will adhere to these values.

This is so exciting and we take our hat off to Andy for making his dream a reality. Where does he find the time?? Clearly we are not working him hard enough.

Visit the Muddy Little Boots Instagram page to keep up-to-date.