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Exedra Nursery

As you will know, L&F Creative have a love for nature so when we received a call from a nursery looking to relocate and rebrand, we jumped at the opportunity.

Exedra are an established nursery relocating to the beautiful cotswold village of Painswick. Our proposed brand vision retained a natural colour palette, combining a stone base colour and a cotswold green accent colour. We took a modern approach to classic typography, using cap letterforms to add flare and personality, also a sense of growth.

Due to the proposed new location, branding needed to compliment the brands surrounding the nursery site. We extensively researched the surrounding area, landscape and history and this will all feed in to future communications. We have commissioned illustration to support branded merchandise.

Muddy Little Boots

So, it would appear that everyone seems to have a lockdown project at the moment and for our Creative Director, Andy Hussey, it is no different. For many months, if not years, he’s had the idea for a range of Children’s books and this winter the idea, and off the back of “One Walk Wildlife” his vision became a reality.

Due to be published in February 2021, ‘No Deer Around Here’ is a book about nature (in particular Deer) coming closer to our homes. Children engaging with nature, exploring and spotting signs. The book has kindly been endorsed by The British Deer Society with a supporting testimonial:

At a time when we all need to appreciate nature and the outdoors more than ever,  No Deer Around Here is not only a delightful story but will inspire children everywhere to look harder at the world around them.
Charles Smith-Jones
Technical Adviser, The British Deer Society

But the story doesn’t stop there. Andy already has another story in the making (a riverside adventure) and has been approached by various organisations for potential future books, this led to Muddy Little Boots Publishing. This will be the parent company and publishing house, founded by Andy. A beacon for this initiative and a network of organisations, authors and illustrators. The publishing house will fill a void in the market for nature exploration and inclusivity and all members of the organisation will adhere to these values.

This is so exciting and we take our hat off to Andy for making his dream a reality. Where does he find the time?? Clearly we are not working him hard enough.

Visit the Muddy Little Boots Instagram page to keep up-to-date.