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A Quarter Mile of Reflective Poles Mirror the Changing Tides

10 January 2017

A quarter mile installation of nearly 250 mirrored posts stood tall on California’s Laguna Beach coast, the work reflecting back the Pacific Ocean’s subtle changes for four days last November. 1/4 Mile Arc is the latest outdoor work by Phillip K Smith III, the Los Angeles born artist who previously built a reflective cabin within Joshua Tree’s expansive desert plains. 1/4 Mile Arc’s 10-foot poles were positioned to specifically mark the curve of the beach just beyond the high tide line, ensuring the work would reflect the waves it faced rather than being swallowed by their force.

The work was commissioned by the Laguna Art Museum for the fourth annual Art & Nature program from the 3rd to 6th of last November.

You can watch Smith’s installation against the changing tides in a video by photographer Lance Gerber at: https://vimeo.com/192406481

Source: This is Colossal

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