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Artist Transforms Dirty Cars in Moscow into Incredible Works of Art

4 May 2017

Illustrator Nikita Golubev (aka ProBoyNick) is transforming Moscow, one dirty car at a time. The multifaceted artist approaches parked cars covered in filth and turns them into works of art. He sees layers of dust and dirt as perfect pigments for bringing the images hidden within to life. He shifts the mud and soot on vehicles into extraordinary portraits of animals and scenes of nature. Ultimately, what’s one man’s dirty car is this artist’s canvas.

Though Golubev’s canvas may be unconventional, it appears to be a welcome form of public art. His creative eye has allowed him to unearth ephemeral art from the least likely of places. In fact, this gifted street artist’s work is so impressive that the owners of these once-dirty cars may never want to wash them again.

Golubev’s ongoing dirty car art escapades have unexpectedly found a temporary, beautifying solution to the grit and grime of his city. Though he isn’t the first to “paint” with dust and debris, he’s inspiring a new generation of street artists in his community to follow suit.

Source: mymodernmet

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