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Colorfully Decorative Storefronts Reveal the Story of Paris

4 May 2017

Photographer Sebastian Erras is known for his striking images of colorfully patterned floors in ParisVeniceBarcelona, and London. As part of a continued collaboration with Pixartprinting, he’s moved from shooting what’s beneath our feet to aiming him lens at the exquisitely decorated storefronts of Paris. While some may perceive a visit to the Louvre or Eiffel Tower as a key to understanding the city, Erras digs in to the bakers, barbers, chocolatiers, cobblers, and merchants who form the tapestry of Parisian society.

Erras shoots the owners in front of their shops as a way to highlight the delicate design that is a hallmark of traditional French storefronts. Colorful tilework, hand painted signage, and refined woodwork reveal the city’s unique aesthetic. The project, Paris Re-tale, isn’t the first time the online printing company has tackled this theme—photographer Marco Valmarana explored Milan’s shops earlier in the year.

Source: mymodernmet

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