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Helix Tattoo Trend Has People Inking Delicate Images Along the Sides of Their Ears

30 July 2019

Many people love the idea of a tattoo but don’t want a statement-making piece of body art. Rather, they prefer something small and subtle that most folks wouldn’t even notice. If you’re one of these types of tattoo fans, we’ve got a trend for you. Known as ear tattoos, the designs are inked onto the cartilage and lobe. The best part? They’re often inconspicuous when covered by hair.

 These trendy tattoos have another name. If inked along the outer ridge of the ear, they’re also called helix tattoos—thanks to their placement along its helix. This gives the look of a decorative cuff, like the kind typically you’d see as jewellery.

The tiny canvas and odd shape of the ear requires some creative problem solving, but it’s a challenge that many artists gladly meet. Korean tattooist Zihee, for instance, has created two stunning iterations of the helix tattoo. Each features a thin vine that wraps from the bottom of the ear to the top. In one, Zihee has punctuated the tattoo with two flowers on the lobe, like a permanent earring. But florals aren’t the only option when it comes to tattoos on the ear. Text, along with simple lines and shapes, are also playful ways to sport ink without the time commitment that comes with larger pieces.

Source: mymodernmet.com

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