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Knife Angel

25 October 2019

Go see the knife angel currently at Chester Cathedral – it’s wonderful and what a powerful message.

The sculpture is bringing to light just how bad knife crime and violence is within the UK and how something needs to change before it’s too late.

Chester is the eighth venue for the Knife Angel which was part of the Oswestry-based Ironwork Centre’s Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife campaign which has seen hundreds of knife bins installed in towns, cities and even airports nationwide.

A spokesperson for the project said: “The team here at the Ironworks, along with artist Alfie Bradley, discussed the idea of creating an angel sculpture made completely out of knives to grab attention and bring the issue of knife crime to the front of society’s consciousness.

We contacted the Home Office to ask their permission to collect surrendered knives and weapons from all 43 UK police forces in the hope the knives could form the main part of the sculpture. This would show the sheer volume that the country is dealing with. 

This was also in the hope that this initiative would bring about the introduction of new knife amnesties with the Ironworks offering to supply each force with knife banks completely free of charge. We were successful, and permission was granted, so the campaign took off. Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife was born.”

For further information, see: https://www.britishironworkcentre.co.uk/show-areas/the-knife-angel-official

Source: www.britishironworkcentre.co.uk/

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