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Swamp sculptures

16 July 2020

Imagine coming across these by yourself!

Sculptor Sophie Prestigiacomo reflects our ongoing and tense dialogue with nature with her swamp creatures in the Marshes Nature Reserve of Séné in the Gulf of Morbihan in France. It began with two mysterious beings a few years ago, and after they departed, a recent crowdfunding campaign to bring eight total to the reserve. Or as the campaign stated (as translated from French): “more numerous, more curious and probably convinced by the first visit of their two ambassadors, there was a relationship tie with the human species.”

The figures are modeled with mud and seaweed, with the algae drying within the elements. The colors, textures, and “skin” of the creatures change over time, along with the organic landscape they inhabit. The sculptures offer a chance for onlookers to not only visit the site, but also engage in dialogue about biodiversity and our relationship to these lands.



Source: designyoutrust.com

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