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The Kindness Will Keep Us Together Campaign

29 April 2020

The Kindness Will Keep Us Together campaign sees 11 brilliant illustrators and designers create artworks to share the charity’s message and raise funds.

A marvellous collection of illustrators and designers including Anthony Burrill, Rose Blake, Rob Flowers, Yukai Du and Supermundane have created artworks for the British Red Cross and its heartwarming new campaign by VCCP, Kindness Will Keep Us Together. Each demonstrating the individual artist’s personal aesthetic, from Blake’s endearing characters to Burrill’s giant letterforms, the artworks spread the message in their own special way. Black and white versions of the images will be available to download, colour in and share on social media or in front windows, while prints will be sold to raise funds for the charity. Other contributing artists include Ruby Taylor, Timothy Hunt, Nina Cosford, Bett Norris, Cajsa Holgersson and Oli Frape.

Briefed to “create a national call for kindness,” Burrill told It’s Nice That he wanted to “produce a piece of work that connects with as many people as possible. Being kind makes you feel good; be kind to your family, your friends and people you don’t know. If we’re all a bit kinder to each other we’ll get through this time feeling better about our fellow humans”. His artwork uses letterpress typography laid out simply to create a poster with maximum visual impact. “The words are powerful and speak of our shared humanity,” he continues. “We are all part of a wider community and need to be a bit more caring and thoughtful with each other. None of us has lived through a time like this before. It’s scary and bewildering, let’s help each other as best we can. This time will give us a moment for reflection that might point out a way to a fairer more inclusive society in the future.”

See: https://giftshop.redcross.org.uk/pages/kindness-will-keep-us-together

Source: It's Nice That

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