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When Skies Are Grey, Paint The Sky Blue

16 January 2021

We can’t wait for lockdown to come to and end so that we can visit the Cotswold Sculpture Park. A fantastic attraction run by David Hartland (a sculptor himself) and his son Tadd Hartland, featuring 160 exhibits from many worldwide artists.

During 2021 David Hartland’s sculpture ‘When Skies Are Grey, Paint The Sky Blue’ will be on show once again and we can’t wait to see it.

The sculpture features a man standing on a very high metal plinth, ‘painting’ the sky, set in the middle of a circular open space.‘When Skies Are Grey, Paint The Sky Blue’ has a section of ‘ceiling’ above the man, which he is in the process of painting blue. It’s clever and arresting and you can’t help but stare. Simply stunning.

Source: Cotswold Sculpture Park

Tags: sculpture

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