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Whimsical Caesarstone Installation

31 January 2017

At this year’s Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto, designer Jaime Hayon unveiled his installation of whimsical furniture pieces made from Caesarstone.

The seven new pieces are the result of a year of collaboration between the designer and Quartz manufacturer and it’s only the first installment. Stone Age Folk consists of face cabinets, bird tables, and wall masks made using traditional stone marquetry.

There were no kitchen or bathroom countertops found in this exhibition. Instead, Hayon used the material in completely new ways through his handcrafted works and displayed a playful menagerie of fantastical pieces that only he can. His inspiration? Fauna, folklore, and the natural world.

From Jaime Hayon:

“In working with Caesarstone, I became curious about what’s doable through material and technology. Caesarstone material inspires designers and creatives to think of new ideas and bring novelty and innovation through creativity. This is what the installation for Caesarstone is about- this sort of combination of ideas, from folklore to fauna to colour to material to stone to furniture, ideas which result in unique pieces that can be functional or completely surreal and non-functional. Its about mixing the ingredients with our own intuition to create a new world, inspired by the possibilities of the material.”

Source: Design Milk

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