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The role of infographics

Infographics are fun, creative ways to visualize all types of information. By displaying information in colorful, graphic charts, designers are changing the way we view data. Whether its laying out a policy document on maternity leave or teaching the Dothraki language (one for the Game of Thrones fans), there are educational, informative charts for everyone.

Also known as pictographs, there are a huge variety of styles in the infographic world. Some rely on custom illustrations accompanied by facts, others set out their data visualization with timelines and colorful flowcharts. We look inside the mind of Kanye West through an illustrated portrait and graphic fonts just as easy as we learn washing habits around the globe with carefully laid out diagrams.

With cool designs and high impact, its no wonder that this form of visual media has exploded over the past few years and we’ve found ourselves designing them on a daily basis. Now, there are even websites and apps that help you make your own clever, cool infographic. PiktochartCanva, and Venngage are just some sites that allow non-designers the possibility to get in on the action. Take a look but don’t forget the pros – bespoke can ensure they are fit for purpose and on brand.

For inspiration see My Modern Net‘s great feature:
30+ Creative Infographics to Keep Your Mind Active and Entertained

Channel Spotify Playlist

Ever wondered what it is like to work in a design studio? What’s the atmosphere like? What music motivates the troops and gets the creative juices flowing? Why not follow and listen to our Spotify channel.

See: Lost & Found Playlist

There is an eclectic mix of music, from chilled soul music for concentration to funk and dance – there’s something for all! We also welcome your suggestions too.

You might also spot several songs from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Jorja Smith and Train that are actually called Lost & Found!

Genus Performance Gardenwear

This Spring we’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Genus Performance Gardenwear. This is a unique company based in the Cotswold offering a unique product to a specific market.

Genus is the world’s only brand of high performance, technical outdoor clothing with unique features and functionality designed for serious gardeners. Their product range includes several styles of gardening trousers, including a totally waterproof version launched last year. This summer they will be offering summer gardening trousers and shorts that are perfect for the hotter, drier days along with gardening tops for men and women.

Our role will be to position and refine the brand, delivering brand consistency and personality. This will cover digital and printed outputs. Watch this space.

Find out more at: genus.gs

b-side Festival

There are certainly signs of Spring looking out of the window and nothing says “Spring” like an influx of festival design. This week we’ve been created banners to promote b-side.

b-side is an internationally recognised and locally loved arts organisation on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. This year the festival takes place 05 – 13 September 2020. See b-side.org.uk for more details.

CE Marquees

This month we’ve created a modern identity for new marquee company based in Cheltenham, CE Marquees. Our client wanted something that has impact and a sense of drama, yet had a sense of structure and was easy to apply to clothing etc.

We’ve branded three marquee companies since we formed 7 years ago and all have taken a very different approach. It’s great to see the branding applied and when they appear at festivals that we have also branded.

National Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

Today is National Young Carers Awareness Day 2020, a day to acknowledge the challenges faced by young carers and campaign for greater support for them.

Over the last 2 years we have helped Gloucestershire Young Carers raise awareness; reinvigorating their brand and supporting communications to create a strong message. 

Today is a significant day for the charity and we’ve worked with them to produce a range of promotional posters and promotional literature.

This is a great charity doing great work. Let’s all get behind it!