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Advancing the education of the public in the Arts of Music, Speech, Drama and Dance.

Leominster Festival

Leominster Festival is an eclectic summer arts and music festival, founded in 1978.

In 2013, the Leominster Festival Committee approached Lost & Found Creative with the challenge of making the festival more contemporary. The festival needed to appeal to a younger audience and actively encourage collaboration across artistic skillsets.

Lost & Found produced and formalised the Leominster knot as a stand-out motif for the festival, representing the inter-connection of artistic disciplines combined with Leominster’s heritage.

This brand styling was then applied across a number of communications including leaflets, tickets, posters, event programme, banners, website and social media.

Lost & Found Creative are one of those rare and refreshing finds. They make combining a strong design aesthetic, with customer-facing skills, seem effortless; something which anyone who deals with clients and suppliers will really appreciate. I have - and will continue – to recommend them very highly!

Kieran Morris, Marketing Manager, Leominster Festival