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A journey of exploration, inspired by the present landscape and ancient routes

Life Cycles & Landscapes

Life Cycles & Landscapes is an ambitious three–year landscape art project which had a major commission – Wayfaring – at its heart. It was a journey of exploration, inspired by the present landscape and ancient routes of the Icknield Way, which runs from North Norfolk (and possibly the Frisian Islands of the Netherlands) to the Dorset Coast and has existed since pre–Roman times. Journeying along these routes, artists And Now: created a series of artworks inviting audiences to think about movement and migration – how we arrive at, understand, inhabit and leave a space. 

Wayfaring took place at a series of locations: those in the UK were all within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – the sites speak of the opportunities and tensions present in the countryside today. The route surfed the leading edge of the chalk geology along the interwoven trackways and paths that connect the many archaeological and historic sites. 

Lost & Found were commissioned by both the producer (Activate Performing Arts) and the artist (And Now:) to document this project by producing a 36 page, half-canadian bound, printed document; a collection of essays, maps and timelines. 

A textured coating was applied to the cover logotype to mimic a chalk effect and reflect the landscape in which the art project took place. 

A conscious effort was made to source recyclable materials and print techniques to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. 

Really well done! I enjoyed working with you all on this and can instantly see what a lot of hard work achieves... the print looks and feels great. The final product represents a lot of heartfelt work which so deserved the dedicated care that you have generously shown in listening, understanding, communicating and going beyond the immediate response. Thank you.

Mandy Dike, Artist, And Now: