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St John’s Smith Square

Throughout 2015, Lost & Found Creative – in collaboration with Phillip Southgate, Emily Penny, Caroline Jones and Richard Owsley – rebranded the London church and music venue, St John’s Smith Square.

In January 2016, the website launched, and was the last piece of the initial branded suite. It is great to see this venue go from strength to strength. We believe the rebrand has breathed life into this wonderful venue. Whilst retaining its sense of heritage, it has helped broaden the musical and educational offering, attracting a younger audience and range of performers.

Supporting some strong new messages and colours is a flexible visual language utilizing motifs from the architecture to form patterns. It is subtle and refined, historical, yet modern and intended to complement imagery of the performers and the venue. Used across all communications, the application of this graphic pattern can be toned up or down to have more or less graphical impact as appropriate. Time will tell, but we really think this brand approach and application has everything to evolve and grow as St John’s Smith Square continue on the next phase of the journey.

National Dog Day

Our studio dog (Sam) is a treasured and valued member of the Lost & Found team. He’s been with us from the start, through thick and thin and keeps us all on our toes. We haven’t mentioned him in quite a well so to celebrate #nationaldogday we thought we’d give him a little mention. This picture of him was taken during a well-earned break in the Lake District. #poser

Formula for perfect branding

Design Week asked: Is there a formula for perfect branding? We replied:

Head + Heart + Investment x Creativity = BRAND

In reality there isn’t a perfect formula, however what we wanted to get across is that it involves investment financially as well as mentally and emotionally, both on the part of the client and the designer. Thoughts?

Made you look

Today we had the pleasure of attending The West of England Design Forum’s special screening of Made You Look.

Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene in the 21st century and includes contributions from a top British creatives, publishers and agency owners including Anthony Burrill, Pete Fowler, Kate Moross, Fred Deakin of Airside, Jon Burgerman and Hattie Stewart. The film’s makers explore the idea that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue methods of creating despite living in a highly digital world. Made You Look premiered at Soho House as part of the Pick Me Up festival in spring 2015 and is currently doing a tour of selected design events and festivals.

It was a fascinating watch and an informative Q&A session followed with the film’s co-directors Anthony Peters and Paul O’Connor from the Look and Yes collective, illustrators Ed Cheverton and Ben O’Brien (AKA Ben the Illustrator).

In summary, is print dead, has digital taken over the world – I don’t think so. It’s only just getting going. The two just need to work out how to be friends.

Logos we wish we had created

We get asked to create unique, clever, simple logos almost on a weekly basis, and we are constantly seeking inspiration from a number of sources. Then you come across a blog post like this and you think: “I wish I created that”. A common feeling for most designers. Hats off. Some great logos here.


If you are interested in logos we’ve created, please request one of our logo booklets.


Gloucester Brewery

Just a note to congratulate Lost & Found Creative client, Gloucester Brewery, on their recent success at the CAMRA awards, becoming Gloucestershire Beer Champion by CAMRA for their Citra pale ale beer.

We are all raising a glass to you. Congratulations.