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b-side Festival

There are certainly signs of Spring looking out of the window and nothing says “Spring” like an influx of festival design. This week we’ve been created banners to promote b-side.

b-side is an internationally recognised and locally loved arts organisation on the Isle of Portland in Dorset. This year the festival takes place 05 – 13 September 2020. See b-side.org.uk for more details.

CE Marquees

This month we’ve created a modern identity for new marquee company based in Cheltenham, CE Marquees. Our client wanted something that has impact and a sense of drama, yet had a sense of structure and was easy to apply to clothing etc.

We’ve branded three marquee companies since we formed 7 years ago and all have taken a very different approach. It’s great to see the branding applied and when they appear at festivals that we have also branded.