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Podcast Branding

So, we are on week 6 of a UK lockdown – how are we all coping? Challenging hey! But vital for everyone’s health and well-being.

As a creative studio we’ve found it really encouraging how the creative community have met the challenge head-on and produced some wonderful campaign art. We’ve also witnessed the rise of the billboard and poster again. Brilliant! So many positive, hard-hitting messages out there at the mo, it is simply wonderful!

Over recent weeks we’ve also identified an increase in demand for our digital output – I suppose this is to be expected and welcomed! What is exciting is that people are using this opportunity to take the plunge and perhaps try things they wouldn’t normally do. We have witnessed a rise in home broadcasting and podcasts. Over the last week we’ve designed brand idents for political and environmental debates, gardening forums, scooter radio stationsfitness groups, mother & baby groups andmusic tutorials to name a few!

We love working in this reactionary way and seeing our artwork out there in the big wide world, doing its thing, long may this sense of adventure continue. Watch this space! Keep safe.

Roundness Podcast Ident
Scooterist Internet Radio Ident

Brave New World Online Competition Identity

Re-frame Your Now

We are proud to announce a recent collaboration with @lookagainphotography. Over the last two weeks we have been creating ‘Re-frame Your Now ™’ – a FREE Mindful Photography Programme.

The programme uses a combination of mindfulness, photography and nature to help you and your household stay calm and connected and get creative – at home.

Are you anxious, fearful or feeling low about the coronavirus and all the uncertainty that comes with it? Would you like to improve your mental health and build resilience at this difficult time?

This FREE resource is here to help. If you represent an organisation or business and would like to offer this to your staff or service users, please contact Ruth.⠀

To receive your free PDF of the programme visit:

Please note:
The programme is endorsed by the University of Gloucestershire, Gloucester Cathedral, Arts and Health South West, and Create Gloucestershire, with support from the Laura Kinsella Foundation and in kind design by Lost & Found Creative.

One Walk Wildlife

Wow, what challenging times we are experiencing. Ever since Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced lockdown messages on March 23, we were left thinking … What now? What next? How is this going to work?

The new measures asked us to only venture out for necessities and exercise, limiting walks to 1 hour a day (max), keeping a 2m distance from other people.

Venturing out on our first walk post lockdown we experienced a glorious Spring day and this really lifted the spirits. Blossom on the trees, birds flying high in blue skies and butterflies fluttering around. We had a new appreciation for our surroundings and how we were going to treasure our walks and freedom even more so now.

Returning to the studio, we went into “creative mode” – what could we do to help? How could families and communities come together? Following a short brainstorming session, One Walk Wildlife was spawned. A very simple concept and hashtag (#onewalkwildlife) – look, then look again! Appreciate what we have and our surroundings and share pictures with others by using the hashtag. Pictures can be plants, animals or whatever really. Just stuff you spot on your one walk a day. Hopefully this will lead to a beautiful album of positive imagery and when this is all over we can collate the images and do something with them. Perhaps a book, exhibition or set of prints?

Please support this concept and share your One Walk images using the hashtag #onewalkwildlife.

Stay safe. Stay well. Appreciate what you have and thank those who are sacrificing their own health to save others. #ThankYouNHS

Top tip from Mindfulness guru and friend of the studio, Ruth Davey from Look Again:
“If you can’t get out or live in the city, look around your home with a new perspective or take inspiration from books and online; what can you find to share that will life the spirits and inspire? Look, then look again.”


Linger is a new event taking place at Painswick Rococo Garden.

This Summer enjoy an exhibition of fanciful ‘sitting places’ bringing together creative garden seating made by artists, designer-makers and artisans from around the region.

We’ve really enjoyed branding this event and can’t wait to produce further comms as the project evolves.

For more information see: https://www.rococogarden.org.uk

Charitable Causes

Lost & Found Creative have proudly contributed to many charitable causes both locally and nationally over the last year. We feel it’s important to take time out of the hustle and bustle of the design world and contribute where we can. This may be financially, through sharing our knowledge and experience or sometimes it is as simple as offering time. There is no methodology in deciding who we support and when we contribute, however causes are often selected due to some form of personal connection to one of the L&F team or supporting team.


During 2018-19 we have supported and contributed to the following charities:

The England Walking Football Team – Player Sponsor for the European Nations Cup. https://thewfa.co.uk

The Power of Polo – Contribution of literature design for free for fundraising event. https://www.powerofpolo.org.uk

Gloucestershire Young Carers – reduce rate on services. Implementation of rebrand. Marketing support and guidance. Mentoring of student support team. http://www.glosyoungcarers.org.uk 

Gloucestershire University – Creative support and guidance. Portfolio sessions.

Cheltenham Design Festival – Creation of a typographic poster to be sold at the 2019 Festival. https://cheltdesignfestival.org

Westonbirt School – Careers event and mentoring (event will be held in September)

Birdlip & Brimpsfield Cricket Club – Banner sponsorship and financial support. Help with marketing.

Eastington Easter Egg – Location sponsorship and design of literature (Leaflet / Easter Egg Hunt map).

Massa Red Tribe – RedTribe aims to bring lasting change and a sustainable future through culturally relevant, biblical and holistic integral development. Over the next 12 months we hope to offer a rebrand at a reduced rate to support this cause.

Fat Boys Do DW – Sponsorship and design of charity boat race from Devizes to Westminster.


We appreciate the challenge that charities have to raise funds and be heard. If you need support or guidance, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Email: info@lostandfoundcreative.co.uk


L&F sponsor the England Walking Football Team

We are very proud to announce that we will be sponsoring and supporting the England Over 60s Walking Football team this Summer as they take on Wales and Italy in the European Nations Cup. The competition will be held at the Proact Stadium, Chesterfield, the home of walking football.

Manager, Stuart Langworthy, kindly approached us for the support and we couldn’t say no.

Creative Director, Andy Hussey said “What a great cause and initiative – this 100% fits the ethos of our business. Stuart was my Business Studies teacher at school and look at him now! We simply jumped at the chance to get involved and I’d be very happy to help in the future as well. I wish them all the best in this up-and-coming competition. Go well boys!”.

England are looking to defend their title and we will be doing our bit by being a player sponsor, sponsoring Goalkeeper, John Hammonds.