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Hooray… The Elms Website Now Live!

This one has been 8 months in the making but it is worth the wait. The Elms School website is now live! We’ve worked to modern their website, offering a hub of imagery and film and lots of graphic content for both prospective pupil and parent. Initial feedback has been brilliant.

Please visit: https://www.elmsschool.co.uk
Also visit Vimeo for promotional film: The Elms School Vimeo

Charitable Causes

Lost & Found Creative have proudly contributed to many charitable causes both locally and nationally over the last year. We feel it’s important to take time out of the hustle and bustle of the design world and contribute where we can. This may be financially, through sharing our knowledge and experience or sometimes it is as simple as offering time. There is no methodology in deciding who we support and when we contribute, however causes are often selected due to some form of personal connection to one of the L&F team or supporting team.


During 2018-19 we have supported and contributed to the following charities:

The England Walking Football Team – Player Sponsor for the European Nations Cup. https://thewfa.co.uk

The Power of Polo – Contribution of literature design for free for fundraising event. https://www.powerofpolo.org.uk

Gloucestershire Young Carers – reduce rate on services. Implementation of rebrand. Marketing support and guidance. Mentoring of student support team. http://www.glosyoungcarers.org.uk 

Gloucestershire University – Creative support and guidance. Portfolio sessions.

Cheltenham Design Festival – Creation of a typographic poster to be sold at the 2019 Festival. https://cheltdesignfestival.org

Westonbirt School – Careers event and mentoring (event will be held in September)

Birdlip & Brimpsfield Cricket Club – Banner sponsorship and financial support. Help with marketing.

Eastington Easter Egg – Location sponsorship and design of literature (Leaflet / Easter Egg Hunt map).

Massa Red Tribe – RedTribe aims to bring lasting change and a sustainable future through culturally relevant, biblical and holistic integral development. Over the next 12 months we hope to offer a rebrand at a reduced rate to support this cause.

Fat Boys Do DW – Sponsorship and design of charity boat race from Devizes to Westminster.


We appreciate the challenge that charities have to raise funds and be heard. If you need support or guidance, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Email: info@lostandfoundcreative.co.uk


Dorset Libraries

This Summer, Lost & Found Creative have been supporting Dorset County Council and Dorset Libraries to promote these very special places as Cultural Hubs.

Communications promote the new branding style and include event programmes and posters, and event literature.

Inked: The Graphic Art of the Tattoo

We can’t wait for this talk and to visit the Mshed exhibition…

Branding is about creating something unique in a sea of sameness. It’s about stand-out and individuality — we don’t create brands that blend in, we create them to stand out.

We take our visual cue from a relevant category and then give our designs just enough of a twist to be different. It creates a sense of belonging. And like us, it’s tribal.

Inevitably we brand ourselves by the clothes we wear, the brands we follow, the products we buy, the causes we support, and the people we hang out with. But for a large number of people it goes deeper than this. It goes skin deep.

The West of England Design Forum is hosting an event that celebrates all things ancient and modern in the world of tattooing. It’s obsessiveness within the design community and – unlike the ephemerality of fashion trends – the inky permanence of branding yourself.

INKED – The Graphic Art of the Tattoo

Like this? You might also like the current MShed exhibition ‘British Tattoo Art Revealed’ then!


Life Cycles & Landscapes

An ambitious three-year project from 2016-2019, Life Cycles & Landscapes was a partnership between Activate, producers of the Inside Out Dorset festival, artists And Now: and Landscapes for Life, the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Lost & Found are working with this consortium to document this project and produce a beautifully crafted, hardback book, featuring essays, interviews and project imagery.

Look Again

Slow down, look, look again… Change your perspective, your vision and your story. See your life, your work and your world with fresh eyes.

This is the message of Look Again, a photography and mindfulness company based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Look Again offer a plethora of packages for all, ranging from training for business and workshops for charity, to workshops for education and photography retreats.

Lost & Found have been working with Look Again to formalise their brand strategy and create communications to reflect their different product offerings. Look Again will be attending the national mindfulness conference later in the year, so we have been ensuring they have everything they need to get noticed and get their message across.